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Howdy, I'm Daphne.

I'm a product designer at Capital One, where I help small business owners build and grow their business. Curiosity, data, and details drive my craft.


Note that all my work is protected by an NDA. Please contact me for more details. 

Evolving Virtual Numbers for Small Business

Evolving Virtual Numbers for Small Business

I led the design and testing to inform the next iteration of Virtual Numbers for small business owners. Much of this work involved exploring interaction patterns and honing content strategy to ensure spending was simple and clear. 

Enabling Spend and Access to Credit

I built off preliminary research to deepen the team's understanding of how Virtual Numbers might apply work for small businesses. I led research efforts and spoke to multiple businesses in the U.S. to shape product scope and roadmap. 

Simplifying Payments 

Payments for small businesses is vastly different than the rest of Capital One's credit products due to the level of cash flow and extensive management necessary. I designed enhancements across consumer and agent platforms to decrease support costs. 

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